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Polybag Yard Signs

Simply the most economical way to get the most signs on the street quickly. At ¼ the weight of polyboard, polybag signs are much cheaper to ship, and take up less space when storing. With a simple slip and push installation method, these are the fastest signs to put up. Polybags do not shread in the rain and are second to coroplast in terms of longevity. Completely recyclable, your bags can be recycled at any grocery bag drop-off while the steel frames can be reused on the next campaign or recycled at any scrap yard. If you must put tens of thousands of signs on the street there is no better value.

We have produced 75,000 signs without breaking a sweat. Our largest request for signs was for 300,000. If you have a need that large please let us know. We will be happy to work out the right quote for your budget.

In lower volumes compare to our Sealed Polyboard Yard Signs.

26"x16" 20"x14"
32"x20" 36"x14" 15"x20"
To order call: 866-477-2259 or email

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